Bringing a PC to the Console Wars

Designing a brand strategy to bridge the living room gaming divide.
Client: Syber Gaming

The Story

In gaming, there are two worlds and a mobile gaming stepchild. There is the crowd that buys an Xbox or Playstation, plugs it in, and sits themselves down on the sofa to play. And then there is the PC Gaming crowd who build hubs for gaming in their offices with multiple screens, custom-built computers, and mounds of fanboy trash-talking about how superior their setup is to any other form of gaming. In this mix, Syber Gaming sought to bring the best aspects of PC Gaming to the living room through their custom design Gaming PCs and accessories. Bridging a divide that has blurred in recent years with the advent of VR, Cloud Gaming, and increased keyboard/mouse support on consoles.

The Audience

Our primary persona was a young to middle-aged “Gamer Dad” who shared the same passion for gaming as their PC Gaming counterparts without the drive, skills, or time to dedicate themselves to building a powerful gaming computer. It was simply more accessible for them to turn to plug-and-play solutions. Plus, the living room is where their 65-inch TV and comfortable sofa were. They had disposable income to commit to a low to mid-level gaming PC but did not want to invest the thousands needed for a custom solution. Along with that, they were just being introduced to the idea of VR gaming which required more space and computing power but was still unavailable on console systems.

The Strategy

At CRISPx, our primary role was to build their brand identity through product development, package design, social media, and creative direction for marketing materials. We also leveraged Syber Gaming’s relationship with Cyberpower PC (one of the largest PC Gaming makers) to open doors with gaming influencers, events, and audiences.

The Results

Brand Strategy

  • Worked to clarify the brand’s foundation through crafting clear articulations of the brand’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Developed brand positioning through Persona Creation, Competitor Analysis, and Brand Differentiation
  • Created the brand’s communication strategy through defining the personality & voice, storytelling framework, product names, tag lines, and campaign hooks
  • Designed the visual expression of the brand through the creation of product logos, landing pages, websites, email campaigns, and social media content

Product Launches

  • Led the design of three of Syber Gaming’s primary product lines from concept to prototype and delivery. This included creative direction of the product design, managing timelines, relationships with international manufacturers, advising on product technical specs, pricing guidelines, package design and production, and promotional materials for launch online and at CES.