Building Trust Through Expertise

Leveraging a simple four-part strategy for record company growth.
Client: Visioneering Studios

The Story

Having worked with Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros, AECOM, and other leading firms – Visioneering Studios’ founding team members desired to bring their experience and expertise to church, non-profit, and school architecture. This brought about a unique challenge when a global pandemic closed the doors of all of those organizations simultaneously. Over the next twelve months, we managed to will our business units to meet all pre-COVID sales goals. So by the start of 2021, the bar was raised as we aimed to build upon our successes while launching a rebuilt sales funnel, redesigned website, and ground-up marketing automation processes. 

The Audience

The unique challenge in connecting to our target persona is that there are roughly 300,000 churches in the United States and only around 6.5% (less than 20,000) would be in a position to use our services. At those churches, there are maybe only one or two people who have the authority to move a project forward. This led to the question, how do we gain the attention and trust of that fraction of the market who have the proper scope, budget, and authority to build a multi-million dollar project?   

The Strategy

The strategy we developed to address this problem was deceptively simple in scope. Our goal was to build relationships and trust to create “Raving Fans” of Visioneering Studios through a four-part focus. 

  1. Share knowledge to build expertise.
  2. Develop partnerships to build community.
  3. Capture results to gain trust.
  4. Build culture to drive mission.

The Results

Big Picture Results

  • 33% growth of new clients signed in 2021
  • 23% growth of total contracts signed in 2021
  • 60% growth in new clients in 2022 (100% Increase over 2019)
  • ~20 new hires to meet business demands
  • Launched Commercial Development business unit

Project Examples

Share knowledge to build expertise.

Develop partnerships to build community.

  • Strategic Partnerships accounted for 37% of deals
  • Raving Fans (Past Clients) accounted for 28% of deals

Capture results to build trust.

Build culture to drive mission.